Poet Products

I know this picture has little to do with the post. I just liked its sunshiny message on our first day in OK with snow.

Another museum display we will have besides Marginalia and Doors is one devoted to Poet Products. In fact, we will have a little store stuffed with their items. I’m thinking Emily’s Earplugs because a soul must have them to “select her own society” and for “staying at home” on Sabbath days.

The Bard’s Breath Mints: Surely for someone who wrote that much, he had to be a talker, too, and no, I don’t agree with Anonymous. He wrote those friggin’ plays.

Whitman’s Body Spray because he was always effusing himself in eddies and such and he could just use a few pumps of aerosol spray for that when he ran out of himself (but that was never going to happen).

Dorothy Parker Wit Sharpener: For when the quips and shocking poem endings began to dull and needed new edges and points

Lord Byron Hair Pomade: For the aspiring poet who could certainly zip out some cool lines, but really . . . his legacy is all romance, isn’t it? Look at his profile. The ladies swooned.

Sylvia Plath Petroleum Gloss: To keep those lips smooth for all the men she kept eating like air.

You get the idea . . . Comment if you have any suggestions for the store!

2 thoughts on “Poet Products”

  1. Thoreau’s Walden Beans
    Coleridge’s Albatross Windchimes (sterling silver necklaces for those you don’t like so much)
    Bradbury’s bookish fire starters
    Harper Lee’s snowman cookies (dirty brown color)

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