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The black cat came in Through the dryer vent, Ripping a silver hole And scrambling up The back of the machine And onto a pile of towels. Okay then. What now? –Shaun Perkins

Peggy has her own blog!

Peggy the Personification Pig has proven too popular. She must have her own blog. In the future, you can click on the Peggy link above to be directed to her site. She is quite the . . . ham. She wrote a poem to…

A Writer in the Norton Introduction to Literature was Born in 1981

Her name is Alicia And the photo next to the title Of her story is a black and white shot Wherein she rests her left cheek Against her right denim-clad knee. Her glowing face reveals Baby fat on her cheeks. Her closed-mouth smile is…

Call Eney Time! (Craig’s List Poetry)

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful pea green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money, Wrapped up with a compound bow.

Craig’s List Poetry: Truffle Bed

I have lain in the exquisite pleasure Of a strong, loving man’s arms, And I have slept where the creek Flows in the summer evening, And made my bed in the breeze Of a fall day near the meadow’s edge,

Pine Suit

Bedroom suit. No bed. Perhaps there are other rooms Your pine attire will match, Though do not forget the armoire, Which for some reason, Is easier to spell than “suite.”