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The black cat came in Through the dryer vent, Ripping a silver hole And scrambling up The back of the machine And onto a pile of towels. Okay then. What now? –Shaun Perkins

Dream Arithmetic

Nobody needs it, The loss of words, the alphabet Of rock and sky, the dictionary Spelling out the weight of pelican Feathers and childbirth. Nobody Needs the dream of images Making no sense, the path Of broken teeth and textbooks,

Sea Lesson #1

There you are deep inside, curved legs against shell, visible life in death brought to shore.

The Yellow Bath Mat

(with apologies to William Carlos Williams) so much depends upon a yellow bath mat rubber on bottom priced firm at three dollars. –Shaun Perkins NOTE: This poem was inspired by (stolen from) the following Craig’s List ad:

Always With

Always with the words, always with the pen, Always with the fingers upon the keyboard, Always with the thoughts, always with the clang Of time on the kettle on the stove, always With the conversation held back, always with calls Across rooms deserted and…