The Writing on the Wall

Once I was walking around Boston and stopped at a brick building that had some chalked words written on it. The words were “The Writing.” I kept walking and then I got it. I laughed out loud. What is the writing on your wall?

I hope there is some poetry there. And remember, it’s just a wall. You might not have let your kids write on it, but you’re an adult. Do it now. 

1 thought on “The Writing on the Wall”

  1. Oh I love that.

    Reminds of poets in ancient China. You’ll find poems entitled “Poem on a screen door” or “Found on a monastery wall” from poets who finding their friend was away, scrambled down poems for them on walls and such. Which really is such a lovely thing to do.

    We should all write on walls. I mean, there so bare and empty. Like giant pieces of paper.

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