Johnny Depp, Poetry Man

Johnny Depp. Today, June 9, is his birthday. He is 49! I am writing this post to see how many hits I can get by putting his name in it. Johnny Depp. Just tagging that. . . . Well, not really. Here’s Johnny Depp and poetry in America:

Johnny read Jim Morrison’s poetry in the documentary about the Doors When You’re Strange. I haven’t seen it, but it came out in 2012. Have any of you seen it?

There’s all kinds of Johnny Depp-I-love-you-I’m-going-to-write-a-poem-about-you stuff on this fan page. They’re all pretty bad. Sample opening lines of “The Confused Fan’s Lament” by Meeps:

What shall I do –
I am without a clue …
Johnny is hot
.. or is he not?

Christine wrote an acrostic to Johnny. She called it a poem, but you be the judge.

Tim Burton, of course, wrote a poem about Johnny. I like how the guy who wrote  this article said that poetry was theater’s gayer cousin. Har!

Here’s a cool little clip of Johnny in The United State of Poetry video. He’s reading some Jack Kerouac, of course, with his hair all greasy and the cigarette smoke all curling up around him and like, yeah, of course.

Happy Birthday, Johnny! America loves you, man.

–Shaun Perkins

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