Third Exhibit: Cat Poetry

I am currently working on the third exhibit for the museum (finished the Marginalia and Door poetry ones), and this one will be poetry inspired by and about cats. I have modge-podged a few old drawers with some poetry and pictures and I’m figuring out what to do next.  (Don’t all self-respecting museums use modge-podge? Har!)

This will be some sort of interactive exhibit, where people will be able to write something about their own cats and leave it for others to see. I’m thinking cat metaphors or cat alliteration, cat kennings . . . something along those lines.

I would probably be getting a bit more done if Buffy, one of my 4 cats, wasn’t trying to HELP ME with it so much. She will not leave my chair, and if I attempt to move too much, she gets angry and swipes at me. Hmm. I know there is a poem in this somewhere.

What are your ideas about cats in poetry: from Eliot’s cats who went on to triumph on Broadway for years and years to the owl and the pussycat to . . . where does your brain go when these two are brought together: cats, poetry? All ideas welcome. Let me know about any good cat poems that you know, too.

–Shaun Perkins

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