What I Should Be Doing

I should be mulching the garden and vacuuming,
Removing cat hair from the carpets at the same time
Each one plots more release of it from under the couch
and atop the TV. I should be planning the next chapter
of the novel that will finally get published and I should
be throwing fungus out of the refrigerator and arming
myself with bleach and brillo pad, and I should start
the petition that will end the war, any of them
going on right now and all of those in the future,
and I should be trailing light through the cosmos
in search of pure energy for a greener, efficient future,
and I should be turning myself into the savior
of the human race with a body half-made of technology
and half of waterfall tumbling over our craggy parts
and making them smooth, amenable to touch, worthy
of the compassion only the dead understand, but I am
only thinking of how you said to me, “You are kind
and full of baloney” and how that is all I should be.

–Shaun Perkins

2 thoughts on “What I Should Be Doing”

  1. Wonderful… Being kind…. that is the number one most important Lightworker job there is. And of course, the ‘full of baloney’ bit. I must of had my mother tell me that once a day as a child. you reminded me of that. Thanks.

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