Reasons to Visit

chairsThere are many reasons you should visit the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. I will start by listing 10.

  1. You can make poetry from word blocks. Remember, if you call it a poem, it is a poem.
  2. You can play the symbol game, which includes a bottle of gin. (Sorry, it’s empty.)
  3. You can hide in the secret corner and read other people’s secret scribblings.
  4. You can climb into the Teasdale Treehouse and pretend you are a child again.
  5. You can make a bracelet out of poetry.
  6. You can play poker poetry with your friends . . . or strangers.
  7. You can enjoy the rural scenery outside the museum.
  8. You can write sidewalk poetry with colored chalk.
  9. You can go bowling with poetry on the porch.
  10. You can discover or rediscover a love of words, images, experiences.

Now, all that said, there is one other really good reason to come to the museum, especially if you are looking for a day trip out in country. You can visit all the things that Locust Grove has to offer. Sure, it’s a small town and the main drag may not look that exciting, but there is plenty to see and do.

Check out this blog post I made on my sister’s website for more details.

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