I Beat Manuela

PerilsOfPaulineTiedToRailwayTracks[4]He kicked me in his sleep,
But when he woke up,
He said he was kicking a bad guy
Who was trying to get me.
I am always being chased
By bad guys in his dreams,
And he is always saving me.
I find this curious.
Can I not take care of myself?
I ask him one morning. No,
Not in my dreams, he answered.

A few days later, in his truck
He told me he dreamed that
An old girlfriend was standing
Between us, and I beat her up.
The detail was not near as vivid
In his retelling, so I had to wonder,
Did I really beat Manuela
Or was he feeding me lies
So I would like myself better
In his dreams? He doesn’t know
That I enjoy being rescued.
Uh oh. Maybe he does.

–Shaun Perkins

4 thoughts on “I Beat Manuela”

  1. MM–I’m not sure that was a “comment” you got–but I added my own “comment” to it. You definitely have one interrrrrrresting and faithful reader there.

  2. Shaun,
    i am really curious to know what you think about a comment i got on yesterday’s
    poem, ” many an innocent reader has fallen trying to advoid the influence”.
    this is probably a weird request but that’s what makes the world go round.

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