Poetic Vandalism

drawergraffitiKen and I just spent the weekend at Beavers Bend State Park, and we stayed in cabin 4. The cabin was small and cozy with a fireplace and good heat. It was a bit chilly, though just fine for hiking weather. We went on some trails, searched for a few geocaches, and enjoyed the park’s natural beauty and silence.

I recommend the cabins. Knotty pine walls, rock fireplace, plenty of windows, a decently-remodeled bathroom . . . and some lovely graffiti inside the drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. I enjoy a place, especially an official government-owned kind of place, that allows a bit of quirkiness. Even though most of the sentiments weren’t very pen-worthy, it’s still cool. I added our own poem next to a comment about applying suction.drawerpoem

If you go to the park, look for the two poem caches I left there.

–Shaun Perkins


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