Morgeuse Without Silence

shadow_woman_blacksmStone walls and the shouting of men
Flibberty flibberty flibberty
Into this starved air
Bells thudding hollow cracking
He is waiting

She is sure
Low rumbling dogs unsure
Paws clicking fish bones
Coming back
Place of never was

Ear pressed to the door

Why did I have so many children?

Mist rolling into rain rolling into
Cracked land
One more child
One more child she is calling forth
Flibberty flibberty flibberty

Lightning splitting time
Small hand at her neck
Speaking not singing
Speaking not singing
Her words are a dream
Flibberty flibberty flibberty
Words are a
Flibberty flibberty
Words are

–Shaun Perkins

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