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Butch’s Painting

I have not written a Craig’s List poem in a while, a poem wherein I take a strange, sad, semi-literate, or otherwise entertaining ad from that fine website and write a poem to accompany, or perhaps, explain it in some way. I just found this ad in the General listings and went WHOA. What in the hell is going on in this painting? And is it just me or does the “Indian” look like James Coburn in the Incredible Hulk’s body? I want to write a poem about this but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

painting of indian helpimg prison guard from falling 1 of a kind – $50 (tulsa)

image 1image 2
this is a real painting on board 22 1/2 x 48 inchs painted by clif looper and signed call butch xxxxx make a offer

4 thoughts on “Butch’s Painting”

  1. Shaun…you are correct….James Coburn…Incredible Hulk… Is it better to be rescued or dropped? I seen lots of bare skinned Indians but most with smooth muscular conformation and none with wrist bands that resemble cuffs. The guard seems to be dropping off of a gigantic tree stump or a very small plateau. I’m anxious to see your poetic take on this one. Is this a Hispanic prison guard…. ???? Jeanette

    Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 19:20:46 +0000 To:

  2. eek… I think you’re right about the James Colburn indian. What is the first sentence that comes up for you when you look/feel this picture? Let that take you … and see where that goes.

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