Hypoterranean Art Song

hypoShaun’s on the roof
Hiding all her poetry
Others are all aloof
Working out the world’s truth
Art’s all around us
Makes you wanna be alive
Creating all that makes us
Causing countless high-fives
Look out world
Art is making kindred
Gonna start a motion
Spreading creative potion
It’s what you get up for
Doesn’t pay your bills
But you can’t live without it
Don’t consider it a frill
So would never axe it
Art is the real deal.

Ken sings love songs
Always proving haters wrong
Creating all the day long
Beatin’ on the art gong
You can have this joy too
Just decide you want to
Give all you got in you
Alive to what you know’s true
Look out world
Art’s a flag unfurled
It made my life a garden
Never gonna take its pardon
Every day is life startin’
Every map I’ll be chartin’
Never will my heart harden,
Eat with all the . . . lard in
Live where you soul says
Even if it’s kindergarten.

Write poems, make a dance,
Open paint and take a chance
Quit your job and freelance
Act as Hamlet perchance
Dream big, believe in art
Film an old romance
Oil paint, sculpt trees, take a stance
Look out world
You’re in for some quality
Everybody needs art
Gonna take a part
Art’s off the chart
It brings me hope
Never need no dope
Heals all my heart
Makes good-smelling farts.

So get art, keep strong
Wear pants, romance, learn to dance
Take your turn, get abreast
Art leads to success
I am alive because of it
I am here because it’s writ
Don’t need schoolin’
Just a lifelong field trip
Look out world
Politicians always quarreled
Don’t let them take away
What makes your heart sway
Trust in feng shui
Live to art another day
Here is where you make your peace
Eschew all the thought police
Let the arts enter in
Do it now and don’t delay.

–Shaun Perkins



1 thought on “Hypoterranean Art Song”

  1. This poem was performed by Shaun at the Arts Leadership Council in Tulsa yesterday. I saw it live at private showing. Incredible!!! What a true pleasure to witness live. Thank you!

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