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Ode to a Kleenex and Other Pocket Poems

DSC04386The pocket poetry case in the museum is full, with pocket poems overflowing into the shelves below it. So I am going to move some of them. I took some pictures first to share here.

At this exhibit in the museum, you take something from your pocket or purse and write a quick post-it note poem about it and leave both for others to see. Wonderful poetry ensues. This is just a sampling. I have typed the Kleenex poem below, but I think the rest are easy to read in the photos.

Kleenex Pocket PoemDSC04382

Whose tears have you caught?
Whose lost love have you witnessed?
What stupid soppy movie
Were you made to sit through?

I think it is funny that I am now stuck with figuring out how to archive pocket lint and a used Kleenex. Har!

–Shaun Perkins


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