2021 Exhibit: Firewheel Folk

The firewheel is Oklahoma’s state wildflower.

The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (ROMP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in existence since 2012, will have a new exhibition and theme for 2021: Firewheel Folk, Oklahoma Wildflowers in Poetry.

This exhibition will focus on creative and informative ways of learning about and interacting with wildflowers and native plants, while also reading, writing and enjoying poetry on the wildflower theme.

The exhibit’s opening celebration will take place March 20, 2021, and will be an in-person event, unless the pandemic is continuing, which will change it to a virtual one.

The plans for the opening celebration include a poetry reading with free copies of the exhibition booklet, a Chautauqua of Oklahoma Flowers telling us their history in the state, a talk/presentation by Oxley Nature Center naturalist Amy Morris Marcoux, and an awards ceremony for the ROMP Rummage Flower Art Challenge.

In December 2020, ROMP will be moving to its new location at 416 E. Main in downtown Locust Grove. Along with this move, the museum will be able to expand its services to offer a gift shop featuring exhibit-themed and poetry-related items, a garden/outdoor space with a beehive and bat and butterfly boxes, workshop and craft space, and a poetry library.

ROMP’s mission is to bring poetry and people together, to encourage wordplay and literacy and to provide a space where everyone can have an experience of poetry.

The firewheel is Oklahoma’s state wildflower.

At this new location and with this new exhibit, ROMP intends to provide many artistic, creative, and educational ways to learn about wildflowers, bees, native plants, bats, butterflies, and poetry in a unique, inclusive setting.

For more information about the museum and/or this exhibit, contact ROMP Executive Director:

Shaun Perkins, ROMPoetry@gmail.com or (918) 479-ROMP.