April 20 Birthday: George Takei

George Takei Appears On "The Morning Show"Takei, George

Long-time partners fear the Star Trek franchise.
Episodes are ruthlessly parodied on The Family Guy.
Television stars report the starship.
   pay money for the original real life novel TV show —
Closeted stars teleport the final frontier.
Political activists made in studio appearances on the Howard Stern Show.
Closeted star discovers the relocation camps.
   watch the real life —
Asian American actors report the Vulcan.
Lieutenants made in studio appearances on the Howard Stern Show.
Closeted stars criticize the final frontier.
   dream the novel —
Lieutenant loves the television network.
International stars win the Vulcan.
   write the real life movie —
–Mark Sample
This is an excerpt from a longer poem. I really don’t know what it’s all about, but it’s kind of cool to see the whole thing, scrolling down a page that you can look at here. Below is a note about it, which I don’t understand either.
“Takei, George” is a remix of Nick Montfort’s “Taroko Gorge,” transforming Montfort’s original meditative generative poem into a comment on pop culture, fandom, and contemporary politics.
NOTE: In honor of National Poetry Month, each day a person’s birthday will be celebrated with a poem about or by him/her. The poems come from all over the place.