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The Haiku of Children

haiku6501Christmas is fun.
It comes once a year.
I like Christmas.

by Tommy Plogger

Eat Christmas dinner
Can’t wait until I eat
My full stomach

by Devin Dean

Love to make snowmen
Love to eat Christmas dinner
Love to watch snowflakes

by Nicole McCallister

Winter night moonrise
Cold in the winter night snow
We have fun tonight

by Brianna Gossett

Hunting season near
I can’t wait to go hunting
I jumped with joy

By Josh Fannon

Hey Santa was here
Winter came early this year
Santa loves cookies

By Nic Hoggatt

Can’t wait ’till Christmas
For the weather and presents
It’s the best feeling

by Cody Hubbard

I like Christmas stars
They can be very pretty
And most are very shiny

by Dallas Coatney

Santa loves reindeer
He eats them all for dinner
He dislikes cookies

by Kate Richardson

A Big Thank you to Melanie Perkins for having her young LG students write haiku and enter them in the ROMP Holiday Haiku contest. These poems and others by adults will be on display at the VFW Saturday, Dec. 13, while we have an art show and sale and sell tickets for the Christmas Home Tour. Come by!


Then and Now

Most of the items for our poetry museum (planned opening–September 2012: stay tuned) could probably come from my house. I’ve been wandering around lately looking through old notebooks (I have way too many of them) and inside dusty suitcases and boxes and under beds and such and keep finding poetry. Go try it yourself–inside your closet, in the kitchen junk drawer, mixed with the dryer lint . . . I know you have some poetry. Continue reading “Then and Now”