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April 15 Birthday: Kelly Palmer

–Poem by Kelly Palmer NOTE: In honor of National Poetry Month, each day a person’s birthday will be celebrated with a poem about or by him/her. The poems come from all over the place.

April 11 Birthday: Mark Strand

Futility in Key West I was stretched out on the couch, about to doze off, when I imagined a small figure asleep on a couch identical to mine. “Wake up, little man, wake up,” I cried. “The one you’re waiting for is rising from…


Shower the world with crackling leaves, Dead and limp before but now firm From frozen dew, this ground your signal To the creatures you watch in the night. Shower the broken places with jangles Of icy prairie grass and let the spring thaw Spark…

After October Rain

You lie on the naked bed, the sheets Finishing the spin cycle, the trailer walls Shuddering slightly with the motion. One cat is at your feet, the others Line the rooms like Egyptian statues On guard for a dropped piece of cheese.

Crestview Trailer Park, Stillwater OK, 1981

And what I remember is the traffic of trucks, the smell of chlorine sharp as overripe melons busted open in dead grass late summer, the heat of the west-facing metal door in the afternoon

The Bright Crest

You are the surf that rises to the bright crest of the day, the shell road at low tide and the moon above the bay.