On the ship, we watched whales sound,

the rise and fall, the spray plunging into foam

Into something new. We have not spoken,

But we are watching the same scene.

I stood behind you as you spoke to the crew,

As you gave instructions, the muscles of your back

Rising as you took in air, shoulder blades creasing

The material I wanted to touch. You knew I was behind

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Perversion & Vitamin Deficiency

He “subscribed to the theory that the liberal use of adverbs and adjectives was the mark of a pervert or someone with a vitamin deficiency.”

This line about a newspaper editor from Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Angel’s Game is an example of two things that I think poetry must do: surprise and balance. Though Zafon’s book is a novel, like many novels, it is full of poetic lines . . . and in this case–poetic insight. At the same time, he surprises the reader, he also offers a balance of ideas.

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