Blowing up the Microwave

She didn’t want the damn thing. She TOLD Jack
and Leigh, I got no use for that damn thing.
They set it up on the table she kept
potted plants and grocery sacks on, and she
ignored it for two weeks before warming
up some dinner rolls. She pushed start; her heart
fluttered at the sound of the glass cracking.
It’s that twisty-tie, Jack said on the phone.

She has a drawer full of them and ketchup
packets, rubber bands, odd buttons, pencils,
coupons, decks of cards, scissors, dominoes,
her husband’s upper plate with exposed wires,
silver and pink, flat, unused for nine years,
firmly stuck to a package of mustard.

–Shaun Perkins

One Comment on “Blowing up the Microwave

  1. Very nice work with this. Really enjoyed the read.

    Also, the title reminds me of my time as a naive boy, not knowing what happened when tin foil went in a microwave. Whole lotta sparks. Nice mash potato though.

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