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Cheery Chirper

I am taking my son on a college graduation trip to Europe. During that time, I will be leaving “Cheery Chirper” cards (see photo) with a line of poetry and the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry web address. If you happen to pick up one of the cards (or just want to comment!), please comment below–something about where you found the card or your own line of poetry or . . . whatever.

–Shaun Perkins


UPDATE: The European extravaganza tour is over! Thanks to those of you who found a card and told me about it here. If you have a card and haven’t commented, please do so! You can be anonymous!

18 thoughts on “Cheery Chirper”

  1. I collect stuff found scattered on the floor; I have many different objects, like a little slide, old magazines, books, earrings, notes, and I’m always fascinated by the stories that each of these things may have.

    In particular I really care about 5 playing cards that I’ve picked during the last two years. I never expected to find so much playing cards: there aren’t that kind of things that people lose on the street!

    One day I was walking on Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio in Rome, near my house, and it was a long time since my last finding of a playing card. As always occasionally I looked on the floor if I could find something. Suddenly I saw this 9♦ on the step of a staircase and I obviously picked this up. I was really excited! Not only because I had just found a new card to add to my collection, but also because on that card it was written: “I’m nobody. Are you nobody too?”, that it’s a sentence that struck me for personal reasons.

    Thank you for letting me share your amazing idea.

    1. Thanks so much, Francesca, for commenting! I, too, love cards. Your card had a line from an Emily Dickinson poem, a poem that is one of my favorites. I enjoyed your beautiful city of Rome when we visited.

  2. spent last weekend in munich and found your card in the old town, i think it was the “Radlstegstrasse”. a nine of spade: “anyone lived in a pretty ?now, how, bow? town”
    a nine of spade, i love cards, words and metasymbology. picking up traces and dots of red laces.
    rené, switzerland

    1. Thanks, René, for commenting! You have a line from an e.e. cummings’ poem, and I like your line also–“picking up traces and dots of red laces.” Do you have a poem to go with it? Shaun

      1. no, just sounded nice to me. yes googled e.e. cummings, quiet famous at your place!

  3. Hi Shaun,
    I love your idea! Finding the card while strolling around with a dear friend in Munich`s English Garden made my day (: The 8 of Clubs says: “I heard a fly buzz.” My answer to it is: “It’s surely the sound of rushing thunderclouds.”
    Please say Hi to your son as well and Bon Voyage (:

    1. Hi May–Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my website. The line you got is from an Emily Dickinson poem! I like the line you added to it. We thoroughly enjoyed Munich and the English Garden especially. All Best–Shaun

  4. hi i have the map in bern found in the bear park on the toilet …. hehe it would begin making full something cool … greet with many love from switzerland .. P.S. I can keep the map?

      1. Thank you, Corinna! My son and I both loved the Bear Park. I don’t think I was the one who left the map. What line of poetry did you get on your card? Shaun

  5. I am beyond freaked out right now. I believe I found my card near the Spanish steps yesterday. The 7 of diamonds. “things fall apart”. The part freaking me out is that I too am from Oklahoma. Sand springs to be exact. When I saw that this was rural Oklahoma muesem of poetry I truly lost my marbles. Contact me if you’d like!!!

    1. Matthew–That is some wild kind of coincidence! “Things fall apart” is from Yeats’ “Second Coming.” I’ll have to ponder its meaning for 2 Okies. What “Spanish steps” did you mean? You will have to come visit the museum when I get it open. Thanks! Shaun

      1. What’s your email shaun? I know this card has more meaning in my life right now then a lot of things. It just made sense to me that I found it.

  6. First card found. In Rome at piazza navona. The site and quote compelled me to visit… “this is just to say”… Bon voyage, felicidades e arrivederci!

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