ROMP5-28-14The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is ALWAYS OPEN. Anytime you want to come out, do. Give an hour-notice by phone or a day’s notice by email, and you are good to go . . . come.

918-864-9152 (Shaun)

From personal experience, I know that the museum is a great place to be in the middle of the night for you night owls. Continue reading “ALWAYS OPEN”


Poetry Festival is Saturday!

npmonthThe first ROMP Poetry Festival is Saturday, April 5, from 2-5 p.m. We will ring in April, National Poetry Month, with a poetry parade from the museum, across the haymeadow, to the ROMP Shop . . . and back. Stops along the way for impromptu poetic words and  . . . stuff.

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DSC03309It’s official. The check came in the mail yesterday. The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry won the Douglas A. Noverr Grant for Collection enhancement for Institutions to Build Popular Culture and American Culture Research Collections.

I learned I had won the grant back in December, but I didn’t feel I could celebrate until I actually had the funds. Yeah!!!! So come celebrate with me this month–March 22 at our Spring is Singing event. Or April 5 at our first ROMP Poetry Festival. If you have been out to the museum before, come see the changes and additions and the new ROMP Shop. This grant will mean so many great improvements for the museum. Continue reading “PCA/ACA Grant”

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rubysThe year 2013 ended auspiciously for your humble curator. On Dec. 24, I  learned I won a grant for the museum from the Popular Culture Association. Two days later, I was run over by a semi-truck and lost my lovely Black Panther (Ford Ranger) and am still without a vehicle, but I survived.

What will 2014 hold for the museum? The biggest news is that I am expanding. Continue reading “ROMP Shop”

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Story-Poems: Which Do You Like?

284_1What are your earliest poetry memories? Mine seem to revolve around narrative poems. I particularly remember reading Longfellow’s “Evangeline” in junior high and getting to actually illustrate parts of it. I remember drawing Evangeline and thinking the situations in that very long poem were so far-away and unreal to me, and I tried to make her real by drawing her. To this day, I can picture the little white bonnet and apron I put on her and the long plain green dress, only a few wisps of her brown hair visible coming out of the bonnet. Continue reading “Story-Poems: Which Do You Like?”


On the Web & Coming to an NPR Station Near You

PocketPoemThe radio show State of the ReUnion visited the museum back in August as part of a story about Tulsa. Listen to their story about us (it’s about 4 minutes) and watch the slide show of photos taken during their visit. You can also listen to the whole show about Tulsa.  Thanks, Al and Delaney from State of the ReUnion.

The SOTR shows are all on its website, but they are also picked up by NPR stations across the country.

Go to SOTR’s website and listen to more of their stories from this season and past seasons. They are wonderful works of storytelling, listening, witness and documentation.

State of the ReUnion website: Tulsa (with ROMP) story