DSC03309It’s official. The check came in the mail yesterday. The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry won the Douglas A. Noverr Grant for Collection enhancement for Institutions to Build Popular Culture and American Culture Research Collections.

I learned I had won the grant back in December, but I didn’t feel I could celebrate until I actually had the funds. Yeah!!!! So come celebrate with me this month–March 22 at our Spring is Singing event. Or April 5 at our first ROMP Poetry Festival. If you have been out to the museum before, come see the changes and additions and the new ROMP Shop. This grant will mean so many great improvements for the museum.

The Popular Culture/American Culture Society will be having its annual conference in Chicago in April. I will be there reading poetry and hope to meet some of the wonderful folks, include Douglas Noverr himself, to thank them and let them know how we are doing. I also plan on meeting I Dream of Jeannie . . . see the website!

My dream is expanding. I am thrilled. Come share in it by checking out the museum and spreading the word. This place is for my community of Locust Grove, for Oklahoma, for everyone everywhere. You do not have to know a single thing about poetry to enjoy and be slightly or remarkably changed by what you will find here. It is not a typical museum. Come see.

–Shaun Perkins

6 Comments on “PCA/ACA Grant

  1. Fantastic news! Congratulations coming from the Old Angus Barn.

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