Impossible Girls

redflower-tgasHearts, X’s and O’s, violins wearing flames
Or wings—you pick. Impossible flowers
Made of hearts and words. The best kind
Of flower is impossible. The best life
Is the impossible one. Listen girls: Do it.
Be the person that sings impossibly
In your soul. Find the people who hear it too
And let them help you and let your life
Become the impossible flower of your design,
Unique, ever-growing, colorful, free.

–Shaun Perkins

NOTE: This poem was inspired by a visit to the Tulsa Girls Art School and by their beautiful handmade cards. Director Matt Moffett, who is with me in the Oklahoma Arts Council 2014 Leadership Arts class, brought a card for everyone in the Leadership class. They were all made by girls at the school.

Visit the Tulsa Girls Arts School website for more information about them. Please consider becoming an Artist Advocate for the school–there are wonderful benefits.

Click here to see a slideshow of photos I took on my visit to the school.

NOTE 2: The COMMENTS section will have some comments from other folks in the Leadership Arts class if they wish to say something to the girl who made the artwork they received. I got 3 cards!

5 thoughts on “Impossible Girls”

  1. I chose a card with a beautiful lady bug on it. It instantly brought a smile to my face. I am displaying it in my office next to several other pieces of artwork I have collected that bring joy every time I see them. I can’t wait until the first person asks me about it so I can tell them about all of the amazing artists at TGSA! I would love to come tour soon…

  2. Thank you for the original art work! My piece is black with a drawing of a flower and red stitching down one side. My four year old son said it represents a Heart Flower. I love to incorporate stitching into my own drawings and paintings. I hung your art piece next to my children’s art work in our own famly Art Gallery. Keep working hard and experimenting with all the different kinds of mediums out there. The possibilities are endless!

  3. To_________(the girl who made the flower with hearts that I have posted above the poem): I wish I had a field of these flowers. I love how you made the lines behind the flower–like a rib cage. –Shaun

  4. Taylor B, Matt also let me have your card for my museum shop. I am going to put a poem inside it. The hearts and X and O design on the black background is so creative. –Shaun

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