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It is March, and the premiere of my one-woman poetry show Poem Life is fast approaching. Until then, I am going to post snippets of things that will be in the show. Here is the first one. My senior paper submitted In Partial Fulfillment…

Gourd Seed Words on Rocks


I am a thing-finder. I am a word-finder. I am a paper-finder. I cannot walk past something handwritten on a scrap of paper that is lying on the sidewalk or in the ditch or on the seat on the bus. I can’t remember not…

Impossible Girls

Hearts, X’s and O’s, violins wearing flames Or wings—you pick. Impossible flowers Made of hearts and words. The best kind Of flower is impossible. The best life Is the impossible one. Listen girls: Do it.

Barbaric Yawp

A teacher friend of mine loves Walt Whitman’s work just like I do. She and her students regularly sound their “barbaric yawp” around the classroom and hallways. Unfortunately, as is the case in many schools, the administration does not appreciate nor understand poetic expression….