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rubysThe year 2013 ended auspiciously for your humble curator. On Dec. 24, I  learned I won a grant for the museum from the Popular Culture Association. Two days later, I was run over by a semi-truck and lost my lovely Black Panther (Ford Ranger) and am still without a vehicle, but I survived.

What will 2014 hold for the museum? The biggest news is that I am expanding. My grandparents’ old house (which some of you will remember as a book-spine decorated bookstore) has come into my hands, and I plan to turn it into a ROMP Shop. The ROMP Shop is across the pasture from the museum and will be a short walk (perfect in good weather!) for any museum visitors.

Check out the SHOP page on this site to see some of the plans and to offer suggestions.

In related news, please plan to attend my next poetry workshop. On Jan. 18, Saturday, from 10 to noon, we will be learning about memoir-writing in the form of poetry.

–Shaun Perkins

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