truck 007Sometimes you are all together.
Sometimes you are apart.
Sometimes you gather for a holiday.
Sometimes you go to work on your own.
Sometimes you eat in silence.
Sometimes your plate is full with laughter.
Sometimes you are moving away.
Sometimes you are moving toward.

Sometimes you stand in the median
With one glove on.

–Shaun Perkins

On Dec. 26, I was driving to work at 6 in the morning, when a semi-truck made an illegal turn across both lanes of traffic. I hit the middle of his trailer, which dragged me across the highway and into a median. My truck was half stuck under his trailer . . . and I walked away without a scratch. I am okay, not too keen on driving just yet though. 

I have washed the glass out of my hair and cleaned it out of my boots, but I keep finding it in other places.

I went to the auto shop yesterday to look at the Black Panther (my Ford Ranger). Here are some pictures. Ford should be proud of that cab frame. And . . . I’m in the market for another one of them.

Black Panther Prowls No More

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