ROMP5-28-14The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is ALWAYS OPEN. Anytime you want to come out, do. Give an hour-notice by phone or a day’s notice by email, and you are good to go . . . come.

918-864-9152 (Shaun)

From personal experience, I know that the museum is a great place to be in the middle of the night for you night owls.

Need an escape from technology and the ways of the 21st century world? Perfect place. The height of electronica in the museum is a battery-operated cassette tape recorder. The phone is a rotary dial one that only receives messages from poets.

City folks, want to come out to the country? Put “Perkins Road” and “Locust Grove OK” in your phone’s map system or in googlemaps, and you will find us, a few miles west of Locust Grove, 40 miles east of Tulsa, 30 miles north of Tahlequah, etc.

The museum is free and suitable for all ages. Donations are accepted.

–Shaun Perkins

1 thought on “ALWAYS OPEN”

  1. I like the new look. I so wish I lived closer to you. You do poetry such an incredible service. Maybe one day, we need a poetry museum in Michigan. How cool would that be? Maybe a trail of small little poetry museums that we could follow and enjoy, like little ‘lay-lines’ that have shrines along them to honor the energy of this planet.
    be well and peaceful Dear Shaun.

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