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I Went Out to Play

mason-rompshop“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with objects it loves.”

Carl Jung’s words illustrate the importance of play in our lives. From it come the things that make our lives worth living: the art, the dreams, the visions, the connections, the experiences that bring us joy and heartache and shape the people we become.

I have fond memories of the play that took up so much of my childhood. We did not have structured play time, rarely went to camp or to parks or recreational areas, yet I never felt as if I were missing anything. We had the whole world to explore—through riding bikes to the creek or just around the neighborhood, listening to records, exploring the woods behind the house, making tents out of blankets thrown over the clothesline, reading books on the cool concrete of the hillside cellar roof. Continue reading “I Went Out to Play”


On the Web & Coming to an NPR Station Near You

PocketPoemThe radio show State of the ReUnion visited the museum back in August as part of a story about Tulsa. Listen to their story about us (it’s about 4 minutes) and watch the slide show of photos taken during their visit. You can also listen to the whole show about Tulsa.  Thanks, Al and Delaney from State of the ReUnion.

The SOTR shows are all on its website, but they are also picked up by NPR stations across the country.

Go to SOTR’s website and listen to more of their stories from this season and past seasons. They are wonderful works of storytelling, listening, witness and documentation.

State of the ReUnion website: Tulsa (with ROMP) story




Not Meaning

Oaks-CW 021The public radio show State of the ReUnion will be at our museum this Friday, Aug. 17, to interview me and others as part of a community story about Tulsa and surrounding areas. Since this show is not in our local NPR station line-up, I had not listened to it, but on the show’s website, you can hear all of its shows, plus see photos from the interviews.

 I wonder what I will say . . .

 I wonder where my poetry will be . . .

 I wonder what the other people they interview will say . . .

 I wonder where their poetry will be . . . Continue reading “Not Meaning”