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Radio Show about Poetry: Those Were the Days

DSC04378I bought this book in a flea market because of the last page in it, a poem “To One Who Does Not Care For Poetry,” which I love.  (Read it below) Of course, then I had to investigate who Tony Wons was–check out that snazzy photo of him! Continue reading “Radio Show about Poetry: Those Were the Days”


Not Meaning

Oaks-CW 021The public radio show State of the ReUnion will be at our museum this Friday, Aug. 17, to interview me and others as part of a community story about Tulsa and surrounding areas. Since this show is not in our local NPR station line-up, I had not listened to it, but on the show’s website, you can hear all of its shows, plus see photos from the interviews.

 I wonder what I will say . . .

 I wonder where my poetry will be . . .

 I wonder what the other people they interview will say . . .

 I wonder where their poetry will be . . . Continue reading “Not Meaning”