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Radio Show about Poetry: Those Were the Days

DSC04378I bought this book in a flea market because of the last page in it, a poem “To One Who Does Not Care For Poetry,” which I love.  (Read it below) Of course, then I had to investigate who Tony Wons was–check out that snazzy photo of him!

Tony (real name–Anthony Snow) was a radio personality in the 1930’s with a poetry and philosophy show called Tony’s Scrapbook. Oh yeah. According to the Concise Encyclopedia of Radio History, Wons/Snow “gave down-home wisdom and commentary mixed with sentimental verse from such sources as Good Housekeeping and Redbook, as well as drawing occasionally from literary giants.”

“Won’s gentle, intimate-sounding delivery made him a favorite with female listeners.” He may have been wooing the females, but he appeared to be a bit of a hermit, too, according to this Milkwaukee Journal article, which described Wons living in NYC and missing his life in the Canadian wilderness where he had a pet deer.

I’d like to hear his voice to see if his intimate delivery would woo me!

Also, check out the dedication page–It was bought for someone named “Cupcake.” Sweet.

DSC04375DSC04376DSC04377–Shaun Perkins



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