Honey! Poetry! Museum Field Guide!

On September 1, we are having a gathering for people wanting to sample the mead I made last year from the honey harvest. I am selling tickets that will get each person (of age!) a glass of mead, a honey bear of just harvested honey (we did it last weekend, Aug. 19), and a snack. The proceeds will go to the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.

The pool will be open, and the museum (what I have completed of it) will be open, too. I have just completed a Field Guide to the exhibits that will be ready for viewing. I have 8 exhibits ready–6 of which are interactive. Yes, you too, have poetry in you. We all had poetry in us at one time. Someone once said that we all have a poet inside of us who died in our youth. Is yours still alive?

You can view the Museum Field Guide here: ROMPBrochure. It’s a pdf.

–Shaun Perkins

1 thought on “Honey! Poetry! Museum Field Guide!”

  1. SEND ME SOME!!!

    I love you more than life.  And I adore your poetry. xox, Jess (and Tim, the honey-lover)   Jessica DuBois

    Writer, Reader, Beach-Goer, Skydiver

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    “Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely  on shore and merely existed?” ~Hunter S. Thompson

    “Ambition and Frustration stem from the same root.  Unfulfilled dreams lead to frustration.  Remember: if you aren’t living up to your potential, your soul does not believe the lies you tell yourself or the lies you tell others.” ~Jordan Helou-Eicher 


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