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Honey Poetry on Blocks

It’s not often a person gets to spend the day sharing poetry with people. So, yesterday, September 1, 2012, was a great day for me. It was the Perkins Honey Mead Poetry Day, a fundraiser for the museum to help me get it complete and officially open. For a $10 donation, visitors got some mead (which I made last year from the honey harvest) and a honey bear from this year’s harvest. . . .plus, the first experience of the 1/3rd complete museum.

Perkins Honey Mead Poetry Day Slideshow Continue reading “Honey Poetry on Blocks”


Honey! Poetry! Museum Field Guide!

On September 1, we are having a gathering for people wanting to sample the mead I made last year from the honey harvest. I am selling tickets that will get each person (of age!) a glass of mead, a honey bear of just harvested honey (we did it last weekend, Aug. 19), and a snack. The proceeds will go to the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. Continue reading “Honey! Poetry! Museum Field Guide!”