When We Were Young

for Roxann on her birthday

“Open you mouth,”
She said to sister Kelly,
Sitting in the high chair,
Smelling those mashed turnips,
Knowing none of that
Was getting in.

Big Sis, always the comedian,
The one who dragged
Into the living room
Beneath the wagon wheel
Chandelier and lay in a straight line on
The green carpet to pronounce,
“I’m bored stiff,” and stayed
That way through our laughter.

Oh somewhere beyond these oaks
And wild dogwood bushes and sumac,
Your spirit will always dance,
Like it did when we were young,
In the lollipop house,
Plunging down rocky hills
On banana seat bikes,
Leaving on a jet plane
In the 45 of the circular past.

In this moment, everything is here
And available to you, even when
It’s only a memory.

–Shaun Perkins


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