Eating the World, Part 2

The park forty years later is still green half the year,
and empty, though its emptiness courses
from indifference rather than vandalism, created
by children no longer running barefoot down a hill.

I had to pass the bully’s house on the way
to the park. The house was patched together
with plywood and the weeds hid snipers
with slingshots and rocks big as my kneecaps. Continue reading “Eating the World, Part 2”


The World You Outgrew

At 5:17, the coyotes end their run,
their cries circling in on each other,
a haunting cyclone of sound you never forget.

Sometimes the world you outgrew
reclaims you, surrounding you in its ever-ness.

Keep coming.
     Keep coming closer.

If you have left anything behind,
you don’t need it.
If the darkness threatens to drown you,
remember what is there.

–Shaun Perkins