Clock in with Poetry

My sister has opened a shop where she is selling furniture and other stuff that she has repurposed, reinvented, renewed, re . . . okay, I’ll stop with that lovely prefix. She has a shed full of stuff she is working on, and one thing she showed me was an old time card container with the slots that each card goes in that she wanted me to make some homemade cards for.

I was going to make regular cards and then decided to take advantage of the whole concept: clocking in to do your time. How about doing your time with poetry? You know I’m going to come up with something like that (if you know me) because you know I’m a poetry freak and can’t help it.

I used a time card as a template and made a bunch of cards that have a little slot on the back that a poem will go in. If you buy a card for someone, I will write a poem to go with it, which you can put in the slot before you give the card. I can email or text you the poem.

The time card rack is on a post in the shop, Dust Bowl Debris, downtown Locust Grove, Oklahoma. If you can’t make it by to purchase one, I will send you one in the mail. $7.00. Email me what kind of poem you would like and give me your postal address (most of us still have one), and I’ll send it to you. Use PayPal (  or send a check/cash (address on About ROMP page).

Course, now I’m on the lookout for my own time card rack because this has got to go in the museum, too.

Do some time. And do it the right way, with poetry.

–Shaun Perkins

2 thoughts on “Clock in with Poetry”

  1. Hi Shaun… I have two of those. Or I use to. One is in my salon with local biz cards and the other I might have to un-earth cause I want to be just like you. lol… It’s possible I ditched it in my move to ann arbor. I sure will be sorry for that now. Toooo much of a collector. I just decided to go back into the antique mall experience which I’ve done mostly on rather than off for the last 20 some years. I love to sell ‘stuff’ and I have a lot of it. I’d love to see your sister’s place. I think I’m from your family of poets and junkers. It just seems right somehow. I’m making a road trip to you … I am. I gotta. love and light sister. xo

    1. Jeanne! You must come to Oklahoma. You barely have to cross the border to get to Locust Grove! (I realize Oklahoma is not a travel destination for most people…yar….) Love and light back at ya, sister.

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