Your Gesture

I came in from the porch
Where my sisters and I drank wine.
Everyone had eaten, two plates
For most of us. Three for you.

You were sitting in the kitchen,
And you held out a fifth plate to me,
The saucer with three slices of cake,
The dinner plate in your lap
With ham and broccoli salad.

You swallowed and said, “I was just
Going to bring it out to you,”

What am I thankful for? This week
We could not escape the question
Multiplied on Facebook, everywhere
In the air. I have not answered it.
I am thankful for traditional things,
Family, health, love, life, light,
And I am thankful for our hunger,
The speed of your response and
The glorious feast of a subtle gesture.

–Shaun Perkins

2 thoughts on “Your Gesture”

  1. A normal situation becomes poetry through your eyes, your ears. Incredible. Your fullness is never-ending, 100 years from today you will create (be) a poem. Sweet

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