Igraine’s Letter

woman-at-window-212x300It is not a chaste kiss
One wants from another
Who is the focus of drowning

It is not that

Merlin: a life of magic with no love

–only obsession at the end
His empathy for Uther

His empathy toward passion
Propelled enchantment.


 I never got to ask you if you empathized with me. I stood
at the window, my hand on the stone casing, my eyes as
dark probably as the darkness I looked into. My toes were
cold and could not be warmed. My heart was in the
field—with one man. No one should die on that field.
No one should die and I live. My heart was in that field.
A hawk’s shadow eclipsed it. A dragon’s tail swept the
hallway to my door. My heart was in the field.


–Shaun Perkins

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