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Altar of Alliteration

altar3Come out to the museum this Saturday from 6-9 p.m. and experience the . . . Altar of Alliteration! Did you say that in your head with thunderclaps in the background? You should. Treasure Time is Sep. 14: We are going to have a poem treasure hunt, refreshments, museum tours, and creating of much poetic energy and stuff. Please come if you like poetry. Please come if you don’t (I will alter that with my altar).

The commonly-confused word lesson you just got is free of charge.

Pick a jar from the altar. Each jar includes 5 items that begin with the same letter. Compose a poem or something with all 5 words in it. Display it for others to experience. You have alliterated, my friend.

Hope to see you Saturday. We are easy to find, a few miles west of Locust Grove on county road 438. Go to the Visit Us page for more detailed directions.altar2

–Shaun Perkins

2 thoughts on “Altar of Alliteration”

  1. Philip and I will see you Saturday evening. Just booked us a room at the Best Western. I’m hooking up a trailer and heading to Locust Grove this morning to leave a table and chairs with your sister then on to Galena. Then we’ll be back for Treasure Time.

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