Treasure Time: Everyone Invited!

whitmanchair 008Everyone is invited to our next event.

Saturday, Sep. 14

6-9 p.m.

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry

6619 S. 438 Rd., Locust Grove OK

We are easy to find, and you will enjoy the good company of words and people and nature and dogs and words and . . . oh yeah….a little bit of poetry.

From Scenic Highway 412, about 3 miles west of Locust Grove, take County Road 438 (or 4380, as sign might say) north  1 1/2 miles to Perkins Rd. Turn right and follow signage!

Come and go as you please between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. If you want to do the poem treasure hunt (which is all outdoor on the land), come early before it gets dark.

Dress comfortably. We will have refreshments or you can bring your own.

What will you do?  What treasure will you seek?

You can check out the museum, play a game of poker poetry, write on the concrete entryway with chalk, help paint poetry on the treehouse, sit around and talk, read the poems from the 1st Annual ROMP Poetry Sweepstakes and congratulate any winners that are there, sit around and talk, find a place in the woods to journal or just to sit, pet some smelly hound dogs or avoid them, enjoy the coming of autumn, and be present.

All good, huh?

–Shaun Perkins

6 thoughts on “Treasure Time: Everyone Invited!”

  1. I wish I would have gotten there early enough to finish the scavenger hunt before it got dark. I really enjoyed the museum. It was very interesting, my favorite was the “Secret Corner”.

  2. It was great! I loved getting to read the secrets in the secret box. Thanks for giving us the prize even though we failed to complete the treasure hunt.. haha I had lots of fun.

  3. I had a blast at the museum! I absolutely loved the secret corner. It was very creative. The treasure hunt was super fun also! I loved it all. 🙂

  4. I wish I could of had time to do the treasure hunt, but I really enjoyed the museum!! The only thing I would suggest to change is if I could of taken Jade, the black doggie, home with me!! 😉

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