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Post-ROMP: Poetry Left Behind

Someone left a rolled note here.
Someone left a rolled note here.

I always enjoy giving the museum a good look-over after an event. I find the words and lines and poems that people have left behind. The museum encourages wordplay  and almost everything in the space can be written on. Here are some of the treasures I found after our last event Nov. 16.

The rolled-up note was a reference to a poem on the wall next to this box of dolls. It is “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy.DSC02860


The message inside a card carefully wrapped with pipe cleaner
Message hanging from the candy-poetry machine
Interesting how William Carlos Williams’ poem can be altered!
Reinterpretation of Emily Dickinson poem

There is an old smelly leather notebook sort of hidden in a bookcase that asks people to leave lines about who they are . . . or were . . . or imagine they might be. DSC02865DSC02851 DSC02861 DSC02862

Sticky note left in Secret Corner.
Sticky note left in Secret Corner.
Card left on floor . . . says “truck driver”
Paper left inside tin–no words on it
A boy had fun with the magnets!
Treasure Hunt Poem!
Another poker poetry hand left on table
Someone's poker poetry hand
Someone’s poker poetry hand
Note left inside a poetry book in Secret Corner
The Note
Hmmmm, what did the blondes do?
Note in a drawer in the Secret Corner
Secret Corner Cabinet

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