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Spring is Singing and More

Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse
Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma is that we experience all four seasons. It was wonderful to celebrate spring in poetry, song, fellowship, and folks this weekend at our Spring is Singing event. Our calendar for the year includes events that celebrate each of the seasons. The museum exists to honor nature (rural) and poetry.

As our first literary art, poetry has a special place in partnership with the seasons. We used to create poems to help explain the seasonal changes, to attempt to ensure success with living in and mastering the cycles of nature. Though we may no longer do this, acknowledging our natural world through poetry makes sense if we want to retain some sort of balance with the physical world–something I find crucial as we become a people more and more immersed in our technology and distanced from an interaction with air, grass, mud puddles, dirt and sun.

As an example, the wealth of children we had at Spring is Singing (at least seven of them under the age of 5!) demonstrated what it means to be alive and in close communion with the elements: running, climbing ,crying, eating, singing, shouting, drawing, falling.

The poem cache treasure hunt was a great success and much-used, which means a second treasure hunt is in the works, for all those who want to have that experience again–and a new challenge. The museum exhibits are continually changing also, so please feel free to return as often as you like.

If you attended this weekend, please leave a comment below. The feedback is helpful in planning. (Plus, I just like to hear it!)

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