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Spring is Singing and More

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma is that we experience all four seasons. It was wonderful to celebrate spring in poetry, song, fellowship, and folks this weekend at our Spring is Singing event. Our calendar for the year includes events that…

Your Child

The stone in the acorn path invited you To listen, like a child will not. You must Learn to recognize the need in your child, Said the stone. Look closely at me, take A picture if necessary. Notice how still

Massey Set the Bird Free

Massey set the bird free. He knew its blueness Longed for the blueness Of  sky, its glass fragility The delicacy of dogwood,


The boys running the bases like rabbits scurry to far-off places, not moving toward targets—just moving. Montie Jean recalls the ballgames she played as a child in the dusty pasture where milo died early. She can’t believe she was ever as small as these…