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The Second Isolde

I hired the best musicians to beautify the background through dinner meals or as we sat at the fire, and I played the violin, taught by a traveling magician. I learned the songs of my people and of his also. I had a voice…


 “ . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . one night my vow Burnt me within, so that I rose and fled, But wail’d and wept, and hated mine own self, And even the holy quest, and…


As a girl I gathered the gooseberries effortlessly and helped my mother bake the pies. I knew just how much sugar was needed for the berries—and I could sense their taste by lightly squeezing them and measure the tautness or softness against the sugar….


I opened the gate, walked into the garden Rust flaked off in my hands Sifting the dust To put out the air Squeeze my eyes shut to open to Statues Angel wings, a maiden This urn I smelled it from the garden gate