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It’s In Your Pocket!

When I first started having my high school students participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day, they thought I was nuts. Carry a poem around in my pocket for a day? What? Take it home and read it to people? What? Have them sign…


Each morning has stopped being the same Though the dogs don’t pronounce this. It’s something in the sound of the car Responding to my touch, something In the sleep left in my waking bones.    

In Dead Grass

In the field of dead Johnson grass, The red-winged blackbird landed. It swayed the desert-colored stalks With its weight, then held its place. Like a swollen tick plucked from a dog Then dropped, it did not move. From this distance, I could not see…

If I Met Her

When he told me about the girlfriend Who had to be choked to get off, I felt my heart sinking, even When he added that he couldn’t do it.

Breakup Syntax

He liked to be at the end Of sentences, the most definite Punctuation, preferably a period, Though a colon was good And so was a semicolon But not a dash and definitely Not a comma. He would stand

Pulling Away

Talk to me. But better yet, Talk to yourself. Listen To the words your body Resists and just wait, Let the syllables rest In your armpits and nostrils And in the webby secrets Between your fingers. Wait