Poetry Where We Are

When I see blank signs along the roadway, I usually think of a poem that would fit on them. That one would be just perfect for a Yeats’ line or that one could fit an entire Dickinson. I like signs that were once something and the writing has all faded out so that they are signs about nothing now. Continue reading “Poetry Where We Are”

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Singing as the Farm was Home

Another display we’ll have in the museum, besides Marginalia, Doors, and Poet Products, is an interactive one where people can record themselves saying a poem. I just bought 100 blank cassettes off of ebay for this purpose. My other tools are an outdated cassette player gangked from some school in my past and an old karaoke machine that has a cassette player on it (I don’t have one of these yet). Continue reading “Singing as the Farm was Home”


The Coming and Leaving

We left by separate doors
Into the changed, other bodies
Of cars . . .

–from “Cherrylog Road” by James Dickey

Another display we’ll have in our museum besides the Marginalia one is one about doors and doorways in poetry.

I found an old wood door in my grandparents’ barn, and poems and musings about doors will be displayed on it. There will also be places for museum visitors to add their comments on the door.

Continue reading “The Coming and Leaving”