Tell Me a Story . . . Poetically

Shaun telling a story

I’ve recently been thinking about the place of poetry in storytelling. I belong to a storytelling organization, and we’ve had some discussion about whether poetry should be a part of our storytelling festival. My immediate reaction: Yes, of course, it should. And then I think about it and the main objection—that it would take away from the storytelling focus. And so my reaction is, still, Yes, yes it should be a part of the festival.

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Dad’s First Poem

Once upon a time, without poetry, people were unable “to sow wheat or barley, go out to sea in a ship, make their gods hear them, get well if they were sick, or fight their enemies.” (The Winged Horse). Whatever we used to do of importance would begin or end with poetry. Poetry was originally the work of the people, of all people of any color, rank, position, religion, tribe, or education. Continue reading “Dad’s First Poem”