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I Have a Scary Story-Poem for You!

tumblr_lzkz1ebt5h1r6o3j4o1_500Howl of coyote, whimper of mouse,
Rustle in the grass near the poison oak.
Do you hear what she hears when you go out?
What’s in the silence between each frog’s croak?

Down by the pond where the creatures come
Ghosts in the air and the water shine.
The moon is new in the summer night
And black like the waters of a witch’s wine.

These are some sample lines from the story-poem I will be telling tonight during Ghost Tales at the Territory Tellers annual storytelling event! The Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival is in its 7th year at Seminole State College in Seminole. The festival starts this afternoon, June 7, and continues on Saturday, June 8 with a full day of stories and events, such as a silent auction, story swaps, and more. Continue reading “I Have a Scary Story-Poem for You!”


Tell Me a Story . . . Poetically

Shaun telling a story

I’ve recently been thinking about the place of poetry in storytelling. I belong to a storytelling organization, and we’ve had some discussion about whether poetry should be a part of our storytelling festival. My immediate reaction: Yes, of course, it should. And then I think about it and the main objection—that it would take away from the storytelling focus. And so my reaction is, still, Yes, yes it should be a part of the festival.

Continue reading “Tell Me a Story . . . Poetically”