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Cora the Couplet Crocodile

“The time is out of joint, O cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right!” Hamlet’s couplet is a famous one. Who can resist the pithiness, the efficiency, the rhythm and reason of two short rhyming lines? Cora the Couplet Crocodile…

A Poet in San Diego

I will be in San Diego this weekend spreading poetic love, wisdom, and fortunes. Specifically, I will be leaving the following playing cards with fortunes on them wherever we happen to go in the city. The fortunes are couplets I created for the poetic…

Recent Poetry Machines

POETIC FORTUNE MACHINE For the price of a measly quarter, you can have a beautiful poetic fortune–a couplet that will set you on the path to riotuous living and harmony or debauchery and ditch-sleeping, whichever you prefer. But wait, there’s more . . ….