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Cora the Couplet Crocodile

croc3“The time is out of joint, O cursed spite
That ever I was born to set it right!”

Hamlet’s couplet is a famous one. Who can resist the pithiness, the efficiency, the rhythm and reason of two short rhyming lines?

Cora the Couplet Crocodile can’t. Continue reading “Cora the Couplet Crocodile”

Musings, Poems

ROMP Thrift Editions . . . coming soon

rompeditions2One day I will have a ROMP gift shop in the ROMP Shop, across the pasture from the museum. I am working on the inventory right now. I want to, of course, sell poetry books in it, and I will stock books by Oklahoma poets. But really, you can easily get a poetry book online. What is a unique kind of poetry book I could sell? Then it came to me: ROMP Annotated Editions. Continue reading “ROMP Thrift Editions . . . coming soon”



Doesn't she look like she is memorizing poetry?

I have about twenty poems in my head, speeches from Hamlet and Macbeth, a couple of the Bard’s sonnets, a few by Frost, a few Dickinsons, Yeats’ “The Second Coming,” (the first free verse poem I memorized), Joy Harjo’s  “Remember,” Auden, Shelley, pieces of “Ulysses,” and various others, including a few of my own. Continue reading “Remember”